Dock Shelters seal the gap between the warehouse and the container in such a way that when the Sectional Overhead Door is opened material and personnel are protected against the dust, humidity and temperature conditions outside.

Isolating the warehouse environment from the outside, it is not only useful to the human working conditions, but also for avoids entry of dust and heat, therefore resulting in energy saving, ecological safeguard, guard of fragile goods and better working efficiency. Gandhi Automations offers a complete variety of Dock Shelters available for all kind of usage and situation from the outside cold conditions or the chilled ones from outside heat and also from shower, breeze, snow and dirt.

Retractable Dock Shelters

  • The Retractable PVC front panels Dock Shelter is the most popular & used
  • Accessible for dock level fitting, or for ground level fixing for the guard of doors without dock
  • The front panels are made of high resistance black PVC protected with double interlacing of polyester that works like spring in order to cover the vehicles of different shapes